¡Hola, Mucho Gusto!

My name is Andrea, and I am in México City with Alberto Ortega (my lovely partner, interpreter [for the time-being], and collaborator).  We are investigating food production and waste management in and around CDMX, and its architectural implications for the future of the city – a topic that feeds both our independent practices, and our collective practice with Faysal Altunbozar.

This log is to record daily tasks and insights relevant to the exploration.  Alberto and I will both contribute entries to the log, expanding on our visits and conversations. So far, we have been in México for a week and a half visiting family and collecting ourselves after SAIC. Gradually, we are acquainting ourselves with the scene revolving our topic – building the itinerary with specificity, but also opening many doors.

Alberto and I attended an event called “Tlalocan” on Saturday, celebrating Isla Urbana’s ten thousand water harvesting systems installed. The event presented current initiatives tackling the water crisis in México. In the meantime, we came in touch with a group of animators working in the scene – granting insight into CDMX’s history of urbanization, the drying of Lake Texcoco, infrastructures and politics surrounding waste collection, and food transportation. Even during meals, where we are fueled by vegan taco joints and neighborhood markets, we begin to ponder the stakes of humanity’s consumption.

Tlalocan: A Celebration for the start of Rain Season below an overpass in Circuito Interior, Mexico City. By Isla Urbana. Photo by: A+A

It feels that we fell in the right place at the right time – when the project is shared, it is received with attention, excitement, and urgency. There are many avenues to investigate in order to deliver a good final compilation at the end of this travel.

Next on the meetings agenda: Renata Fenton from Isla Urbana and Rodrigo Escandón from APRDELESP.

Stencil done with masking tape for beer cans bag at Esteban Azuela’s studio. He did this for a party where we met people working on the subject we are researching.

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