(Overdue Update)

Since returning, survival got the best of my discipline for logging. This does not mean this project was lost underneath +finding employment in an architectural office +moving to a new home +meeting work deadlines +adjustments to life after school in general. Very much so we stayed active in Chicago, engaging with projects here, and traveled shortly to San Francisco, surveying a couple interests. Here are the entries that I am missing:

  • Actopan, Hidalgo
  • Tula – Mezquitales, Hidalgo
  • Puebla
  • Oaxaca
  • Hier del Agua, Oaxaca
  • Barragan, DF
  • Chicago – Experimental Station (Woodlawn) and The Plant (Back of the Yards)
  • San Francisco – Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino (Silicon Valley)
  • Adam Marcus of Variable Projects/CCA Architectural Ecologies Lab

Right now, we are focussing on preparing a report and lecture to be presented on the first of April, so I do not know whether I will finish these entries until afterwards. Nonetheless, they will be covered in this report, which we will make available online.

This is just the beginning, more news to come.

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